Monday, January 5, 2009

"Meat-less" Mondays

Oh, Oh, I almost don't know where to start.

I guess we'll go with greeting cards. (The guy pictured above is my version of a Hallmark Executive!) What a market, huh? Someone is enjoying the fruits of our hard labor. I went to Target yesterday and ended up spending $20.00 on greeting cards. That's terrible, especially when I'm trying to save as much money as possible. I was mad when I left the store and actually sat in my card for about ten minutes trying to decide if I should take them all back and make a New Year's Resolution to not buy any cards and that would be another way to save money, and apparently a lot of it.

Well, I went through all of them several times and decided there weren't any that I could part with. Pathetic? Maybe. But I do admit that I love giving and getting cards, I always have. So, what am I complaining about then, right? Well, it just seems crazy that something so small could be so expensive.

Scenario...I am looking at presents to buy my niece/nephew and see a gift that is $20.00 Right now, for our budget, that's a little much for a present. So, I go with the present that is about $16.00 or $17.00 BUT WAIT, then I go and get a card, anywhere between $0.99 and $4.99 Now, I typically wouldn't buy a card that was $4.99 but you never know. So, when it comes down to it I have gotten to or gone over the $20.00 that I thought was too expensive. I could have bought the more expensive present and no card and would be at the same amount. Does a little kid really care if they get a card? Probably not, but don't you feel bad when you don't have one?

List of cards that sucked up my money this weekend:

1. 1st Birthday for my daughter

2. Bridal shower for my best friend

3. Christmas present for Mother-in-Law, money was present, had to have a card to put it in.

4. Birthday for Father-in-Law

4a. Birthday for "Grandpa", from my daughter

5. Birthday for Sister-in-Law

I figured all those occassions needed cards, so I ended up keeping all of them.

Any thoughts?

I know we could make cards and as soon as my daughter is old enought to make her own I plan on having her make cards for everyone. A lot of the time we just don't have the time to make cards. Eleven month olds can keep you really busy and you just have time to grab a card while you're at the store grabbing diapers.

So, how about some "Meat-Less" ideas for greeting cards?!

Now, on to the more positive note, here is a great vegetarian recipe:


So simple, so delicious.

Yes, if you are a vegetarian, or just don't have ground meat in your freezer, you can still enjoy tacos!

1 can kidney beans, drained/rinsed

1 can black beans, drained/rinsed

1 can garbanzo beans, drained/rinsed

1 pkg. taco seasoning (I prefer spicy)

Just follow the directions of the back of the package of taco seasoning, just like the beans were meat!

It works great and is really healthy!

Add taco garnished of your choice!

See, wasn't that so simple?!

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