Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm mad at Target, for the first time ever....

Okay, for anyone that knows me or can catch the drift from my business, I love parties, themes, holiday decorations and anything and everything that is associated with the above. It's one thing that I choose to spend my money on and budget for. It's a hobby and a passion.

Valentine's Day is one of my favorites and Target always has the best Valentine candy, decorations, supplies, treats, fun stuff and fun stuff for couples.

Now everyone knows that all stores put up their holiday decorations about three months before the actual holiday, but Target has really been lacking lately. I noticed it when Halloween rolled around and then Christmas and now Valentine's is the worst. I know not everyone thinks Valentine's Day is great, but I do and Target always dedicates a large section of their store to it.

Anyway, I go to Target about once a week and have been waiting and waiting for their stuff to come out.

On Tuesday I arrived thinking it would surely be up, and it wasn't. They had all the shelves empty and lined with pink paper and empty pink and red bins everywhere, the prices were up but no products. I was disappointed but thought, "No big deal, I'll come back Thursday (I'm off work Tuesdays and Thursdays) and it should definitely be up by then."

So, I took my daughter and was so excited, I turned the corner and could see they had hung all the X's, O's, Lips, Hearts, etc. from the ceiling over the section so I thought for sure it would all be up. Well, I got the the section and AGAIN, everything was empty. What a load! I couldn't believe it! All those employees and it's still not up. Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away, what are they thinking?!

I asked an employee and she said things should be finished by Sunday. Why would you taunt us with empty shelves for six days?!

So, I have planned some "ME" time for Sunday to go out there and get some fun stuff. I sure hope it's there!

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