Friday, January 16, 2009

Disappointment all around

Man, was I disappointed this morning.
I was rushing to get my almost one year old daughter ready (who, by the way, is teething and very crabby), feeding all four animals that are currently boarding at our house, drop my daughter off at her grandparents and get to work on time (yeah right!).
So, I got all of that done and then called my husband on the way to work. He gets to work a lot earlier than I do so I always call him to talk as I am driving to work. He had a dentist appointment this morning so I thought I would call to see how his teeth were doing.
Anyway, as we were talking (Oh, and I failed to mention that it is -2 degrees outside without the wind chill) I saw a McDonald's in the distance. I excitedly shouted into the phone, "Oh my gosh, it's Free Latte Friday!" What a perfect time for a free latte: I've already woken up and dealt with a very crabby, teething almost one year old, took care of way too many animals, stopped by the grandparents and braved the freezing cold. What sounds better than a FREE latte?! So, I whipped my car into the parking lot, excited that there was no one else in the drive thru, pulled up, said "I would like a free caramel latte, please!" MMMmmm, we're almost there, free, delicious, peace. This was the response that I got, "I'm sorry, but our lines are frozen so we can't make the lattes, we apologize." WHAT???!!! You've got to be kidding me. Fiddles (that's one of my new words since I am now raising a child that is taking in everything that I am saying).
So, I drive off, knowing that there are no more McDonalds on my way to work. Quite sad, isn't it?

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