Friday, February 13, 2009

Budget update

Now, my budget plan and budget update usually won't be posted this close together, but I have been really crazy this month and haven't had a lot of time. So, you get what you get.

Here is my mid-month budget update:

Grocery Budget: I have spent 117.68 of my 200.00 budget so I have 82.32 left for the month which isn't too bad. It's my first month trying to make it on 50.00/week so we'll see how that goes. I used to spend so much more on groceries and it's amazing how much money this leaves us at the end of the month.

Special Occassions/Presents Budget: My Vday budget was 130.00 (not including hotel, paid for that in Jan.) and I have spent 11.42 so far, which means I have 118.58 left! My husbands Bday budget was 50.00 and I have spent 7.46, which means I have 42.54 left! My daughter's best friend's birthday budget was 15.00 and I have spent 0.99 so I have 14.01 left! My daughter's birthday party budget was 150.00 and I spent 116.61 including cake, food, card, present, party, etc. Her party is over but I still have to make up picture thank yous and those are still in the budget; I have 33.39 left!

Childcare: My budget was 120, 4 mondays @ 30/mon. = 120.00 BUT, my sister-in-law couldn't do it one Monday and my in-laws watched her so I will most likely come in at 90.00, 30.00 under!

Hygiene/Target/Baby: My budget was 30.00 because I didn't need diapers, but I ended up needing some other things, so I am already over at around 38.00

Savings Budget: My budget was 20.00 because I put in 5.00 every Monday, I'm right on target here.

Car Budget: My budget was 217.00 and I am currently at 120.53 with my insurance payment, haven't done the maintenance yet but I should be on target with 96.47 left!

Mortgage/House Budget: 1,133.18 for mortgage, right on track.

Gas Budget: Based on previous months I have budgeted 150.00 but gas prices have gone up about .10 so I might be a little over, so far have spent 51.86 with 98.14 left!

Pets: Budget of 40.00, my dog needed food = 41.88 so I was 1.88 over.

Utilities: Budgeted 250.00, have spent 131.16 on gas, 56.35 of TV, have 62.49 left!

Debt: Budgeted 488.27 to pay two credit cards, car payment and one student loan. Have spent 318.62 so far so I have 169.65 left for my car payment on the 15th

Medical/Health: Budgeted 0.00 but have A LOT under unexpected now, just wait and see the mess!

Entertainment/Restaurants: Budgeted 0.00, have proudly spent 0.00

Blow Money: Budgeted 0.00 this month due to all extra activity, have proudly spent 0.00

Clothing: Budgeted 0.00 this month due to all extra activity and saving for my daughter's spring wardrobe, have proudly spent 0.00

Unexpected/Forgot to Plan: NOW, you are probably thinking I'm on track and doing great, right?! Well, here's where I will blow your mind. I hope I NEVER have another month like this in the unexpected/forgot to plan section. Here's the breakdown:

1.) My daughter had to have an unexpected MRI and the bill was 451.35...OUCH! Thankfully, everything is just fine and I gladly paid the money to ensure my daughter's health and safety.

2.) I got an eye infection and had to have eyedrops and the bill was 10.00

3.) I had to pay my best friend for my bridesmaid dress in her wedding and the bill was 140.00

4.) I had to pay same friend for my daughter's flower girl dress and the bill was 45.90, actually a great price for a flower girl dress, and it will double as her easter dress!

5.) I forgot my daughter had her 12 mo check up and the bill was 20.00

So, drum roll please.......I am 667.25 over budget in this category, doesn't that just make you want to throw up???!!!

Hopefully I will come in under budget in some other areas and make up for this. Wish me luck!
Please feel free to share your budgets, your overages, how you manage, etc. I'd love to hear from you!

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